Knowledge management in informaticsKnowledge management in engineering
– Search engine optimization– 3D modelling
– Web design trends (responsive, etc.)– Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources
– Data mining, web mining– Cogeneration facilities
– Information systems (gamification, security, etc.)– Quality control
– Digital graphics and multimedia– Project and industrial process management
– E-business and e-government– New materials and technological processes
– Cloud computing– Automation and robotic automation of manufacturing processes
– Computer networking and telecommunications– Product design and packaging
Knowledge management in
Knowledge management in economy
– Experiential learning– Business process management and decision making
– Knowledge creation and sharing– Business and marketing strategies development
– Learning organization and
organizational learning
– Education strategy and staff retraining
– Application of new technologies in the
process of knowledge acquisition
– Market and competition analysis
– Lifelong learning– Internet brokerage
– E-learning and m-learning– Legal issues of e-business
– Informing strategies– Delivery process management
 – Role of insurance in e-commerce